Film Trailer Distribution with Visual Tags (2006)

  • Visual tags, seen below, are similar to barcodes
  • When decoded using a mobile phone camera, visual tags can directly connect the mobile to an internet site, a ringtone download, or any other type of media

Step 1: A person receives a flyer promoting a new DVD release

movie flyer

The back of the flyer contains a visual tag

movie flyer

Step 2: A mobile phone camera program is used to photograph a visual tag

movie flyer

Step 3: The program decodes the internet address embedded in the tag

Pirates decoded

Step 4: A movie trailer is downloaded to the mobile device

A Wide Spectrum of Potential Applications

  • An interesting alternative to shortcodes for bringing media to mobile devices
  • Visual tags can emded secret codes for use in contests
  • Tags can be printed on posters, flyers, stickers, and billboards, or displayed on websites
  • Can play a role in integrated marketing campaigns to link mobiles to mainstream advertising vehicles including internet ads and television commercials

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