Duran Duran Collaboration: Immersive Video and Audio Concert Recording (2001)

Duran Duran’s March 2001 “Close Up” tour concert in Anaheim, California featured the first fully immersive video and audio recording of a live rock concert. Specialized cameras and microphones were used to create an audio visual experience that surrounds the viewer in 360 degrees. The excitement of a Duran Duran live concert was captured through 360 video footage and 10.2 channel immersive audio. 3D stereoscopic test footage of the band was also filmed.

This experimental recording was produced by Jarrell Pair and a team led by Dr. Skip Rizzo, Dr. Chris Kyriakakis, Tom Pintaric, and Dr. Ulrich Neumann of the University of Southern California’s Integrated Media Systems Center with assistance from the touring crew.

Duran Duran Live in 360 Degree Surround Video

A specialized camera and software were used to capture and process the video to create an immersive concert viewing experience.

“Rio” Clip 1

“Rio” Finale

Duran Duran Live in 3D – “Union of the Snake” (Test Footage)

Use red (left) – blue (right) 3D glasses sitting approximately two feet from the screen for optimal viewing.

Immersivision Technology

Researchers at the University of Southern California’s Integrated Media Systems Center developed a system called “Immersivision” which surrounds a person in 360 degrees of interactive audio-visual media.  Immersivision could use virtual reality headsets capable of tracking the movement of a person’s head.  This tracking allowed viewers to experience video from any angle (0-360 degrees) by simply turning their heads as seen in the video below.