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“Virtual Iraq” PTSD Therapy System (2004-2007)

In 2004, Dr. Albert “Skip” Rizzo and I began a collaboration in which we developed and deployed a virtual reality system to treat Iraq war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  The concept of virtual reality PTSD treatment was validated in the Virtual Vietnam system which I helped develop and deploy several years earlier. […]

Duran Duran Collaboration: Immersive Video and Audio Concert Recording (2001)

Duran Duran’s March 2001 “Close Up” tour concert in Anaheim, California featured the first fully immersive video and audio recording of a live rock concert. Specialized cameras and microphones were used to create an audio visual experience that surrounds the viewer in 360 degrees. The excitement of a Duran Duran live concert was captured through […]

Powerglove Interface (1994)

As a purely hobbyist endeavor in August 1994, I modified a Mattel Powerglove as an interface for my PC.  I used plans published in a 1991 issue of Byte Magazine, and I experimented with the glove using Rend386, a shareware virtual reality toolkit.  Like many others, my efforts were inspired by Linda Jacobson’s 1994 book […]