Mobile Mixed Reality Video Conferencing (2001)

In early 2001, Mark Billinghurst, Dr. Hirokazu Kato, and I collaborated in developing a demonstration of video conferencing in a mobile, mixed reality environment. The application utilized the CharmIT wearable computing kit, along with a Sony Glasstron head mounted display, an Intersense USB tracker, and 802.11 wireless networking equipment. The software was based on the Augmented Reality Toolkit (ARToolkit). The system was demonstrated at the 2001 International Symposium on Mixed Reality (ISMR) in Yokohama, Japan. A detailed technical description can be found here (.pdf format).

Mixed reality, spatial video conferencing: User equipped with a wearable computer and a see-through head mounted display (Artist’s Conception)    

Image source: University of Washington HITLAB

User’s view through see-through head mounted display : Live video of a remote person appears spatially positioned in the user’s view of the real world    

Image source: University of Washington HITLAB

Movie: Mobile mixed reality video conferencing demonstration at ISMR 2001 (Yokohama, Japan) 

User pictured with CharmIT wearable computer and Sony Glasstron