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The CharmIT Wearable Computing Kit (2000-2001)

While working at Charmed Technology, I was extensively involved in the development of demonstration applications, business proposals, and initial sales of the CharmIT wearable computing kit.  This kit was based on Prof.Thad Starner’s “Lizzy” wearable which he developed as a MIT Media Lab graduate student. Starting in late 1999, Greg Priest-Dorman revised the “Lizzy” kit […]

Mobile Mixed Reality Video Conferencing (2001)

In early 2001, Mark Billinghurst, Dr. Hirokazu Kato, and I collaborated in developing a demonstration of video conferencing in a mobile, mixed reality environment. The application utilized the CharmIT wearable computing kit, along with a Sony Glasstron head mounted display, an Intersense USB tracker, and 802.11 wireless networking equipment. The software was based on the […]