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Augmented Reality iPhone App: Interactive Backstage Pass (2011)

As a proof of concept demo, I developed an iPhone augmented reality app that adds an interactive element to a promotional backstage pass. A marker is printed on a flyer, in a CD booklet, a poster, or displayed on a screen Animation and graphics appear when viewed with app Could be a feature of an […]

Duran Duran Collaboration: Augmented Reality Technology in Live Performance (2000-2001)

Duran Duran’s December 2000 Pop Trash tour featured the world’s first use of augmented reality (AR) technology in a live concert.  Duran Duran and Charmed Technology worked together to create advanced 2D/3D visual effects which allowed animated characters to appear live on stage with the band. This collaboration began during a backstage meeting before a […]

Augmented Reality Binoculars (2006)

As part of my “Geo Post It” notes project, a proof of concept prototype was developed to view the notes overlaid on their real world locations through augmented reality binoculars. The system consisted of 5DT Virtual Binoculars connected to a tablet PC running AR software developed by Anton Treskunov. Video see through AR capabilities were […]

Geo Post It Notes: Linking the Web and the Physical World (2006)

During the late 1990’s I became intrigued by the concept of linking digital information to the physical world to create a “real world wide web.” I was in part introduced to this concept by J.C Spohrer’s paper “Information In Places” (Spohrer, J. C. 1999. Information in places. IBM Syst. J. 38, 4 (Dec. 1999), 602-628). […]

The Augmented Reality Pad (AR Pad) (2001)

During 2001-2002, I collaborated with Dmitryi Mogilev, Mark Billinghurst, and  Kiyoshi Kiyokawa in developing demonstrations of a device called the Augmented Reality Pad (AR Pad). This device allow groups of individuals to view synthetic objects in real scenes, creating a collaborative augmented reality. Unlike a head-mounted augmented reality display, the AR Pad is unencumbering, allowing […]

Mobile Mixed Reality Video Conferencing (2001)

In early 2001, Mark Billinghurst, Dr. Hirokazu Kato, and I collaborated in developing a demonstration of video conferencing in a mobile, mixed reality environment. The application utilized the CharmIT wearable computing kit, along with a Sony Glasstron head mounted display, an Intersense USB tracker, and 802.11 wireless networking equipment. The software was based on the […]

WARPING: Wearable Augmented Reality Personally Intelligent Gaming (1999)

During a late night brainstorming session in April 1999, Prof. Thad Starner and I came to the mutual conclusion that it was feasible to prototype a compelling augmented reality gaming experience.  The game could serve as a platform to illustrate  the power of integrating  the capabilities of a  wearable computer, gesture recognition software, and remote […]