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FlatWorld: The Mixed Reality Simulation Space (2001-2005)

Starting in 2001, I oversaw the design and development of the FlatWorld project at the Institute for Creative Technologies. FlatWorld is a mixed reality simulation environment merging cinematic stagecraft techniques with immersive media technology. In many virtual reality systems, users are required to wear head mounted displays that restrict a person’s freedom to physically move […]

Santiago 2000 (1999)

From May 1998 – August 1999, I worked as a project manager with Georgia Tech’s Virtual Environments Group and the Technological Research Institute of the University of Santiago de Compostela in developing the hardware and software for the Santiago 2000 project.  Santiago de Compostela (Spain) has since the early middle-ages been one of the first, […]

NAVE: A Low Cost Spatially Immersive Display System (1998-2000)

From January through April 1999 I worked with Dr. Larry Hodges, Dr. Julian Flores, Carlos Jensen, Jeff Wilson, and Dave Gotz in building and designing the NAVE spatially immersive display system.  In the tradition of the original CAVE display, the name NAVE is a recursive acronym which stands for NAVE Automatic Virtual Environment.  The name […]

GVU AudioLab (1997-1999)

I was a founder of the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center AudioLab and worked as the assistant director for the group through January 1999.   This group was established in September 1997 to enhance and further the implementation of audio in emerging computing environments.  AudioLab was located in the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (GCATT).  […]